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The Start of Something New

Hello everybody! As you probably already know I am Alysse Harris, owner of the up and coming brand, Wildflowaaa by L'Rae and I want to welcome you all to my website with my very first blog post!

I am very passionate about a lot of things but especially all things black, woman, LGBTQ+, mental health, equality and healthy relationships (to name a few things lol).

In a world full of negativity and unhealthy interactions that have been written off as "life", I will express my thoughts and feelings that I hope will lead someone to feeling seen, heard and validated in the feelings that many inhabitants of the world try to minimize. With this platform and my voice, I want to connect to the hearts of those who actively doing the work to be the change they want to see in the world, to break generational curses, all while standing firm in their truth, unapologetically, even when it means doing it alone and doing it scared. And for those who struggle to do those things, I hope to connect with them through my transparency and advocacy.

I may shake the table sometimes and if it gets too rocky, maybe this won't be the blog for you. And that's okay! Nonetheless, I am very excited to teach, learn and unlearn which is always exciting as we find our footing while maneuvering through this journey called life. I am very nervous but very confident in what will come from something so genuine, real and heartfelt. Overall, I am grateful for the support in advance! Love to you all.


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