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Return of the Mack (aka me)

It's been a while while WHILE! How y'all been? Have y'all missed me? Because I've missed y'all. It's almost been a year since my website was active, so I'm really excited to be back in this space. I've made a few improvements on it, and I think that is a testament to how I've grown especially in regard to my vision for my brand. Wildflowaaa by L'Raé is something very special to me and I intend to pour more love, creativity and commitment into it from now on.

It's 2023 (crazy, right?) So, what are some things y'all are looking forward to? In the new year? From the brand? From yourself? Personally, I'm always looking forward to growth in every aspect. But I really want to grow within myself for myself. So often, I'm more worried about how I am for/to other people rather than my relationship with myself and all the things it requires to maintain it in a healthy way. I always want to take up space and just exist as I am, no matter what that looks like. I want to be as loud, as sad, as annoyed, as excited, as loving, as PASSIONATE as I am, etc etc.

Passion. So often, mistaken as anger and other negative emotions but it is so broad that is makes room for every part of who you are in such an undeniable and bold way. I am that and I want to embody that in every space I occupy, as scary as it is, but I want to do any and everything scared because it's always worth it.


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