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🌈Q&A (No. 6)

Q1: What is your earliest memory of realizing your sexuality/gender identity? What was that like?

A: My earliest memory of realizing my sexuality was at age 6. I had my first kiss with a girl. I knew I liked it but I didn’t think much of it until I went to middle school. People were all trying to figure out who they were (as much as you could in middle school lol) I then had my second kiss with a girl and that’s when I knew lol

Q3: What was it like for you to accept yourself? Was acceptance of yourself contingent upon the acceptance from peers/loved ones?

A: It was kind of hard to accept myself. My older sister is also gay so that made it even harder for me to come out because I was supposed to be the straight one lmfao. So, growing up I was dating boys trying to make myself think that’s what I wanted. Until I couldn’t fake it any longer.

Q5: Did you come out or did you just start living in your truth? Do you feel like coming out is necessary/required? Why or why not?

A: I did a little of both lol. I came out to my family but with my friends I just started living my truth. I feel like everyone has their own journey, rather you want to officially come out or just start living your truth it’s your journey and that’s what makes it beautiful.

Q8: What do you see for yourself in the future? Does the current state of the world have any affect on that vision?

A: I see myself getting married with a family. The current state of the world does make me worried that gay marriage rights will be revoked.

Q9: As someone who identifies as ____, what do you wish heterosexual/cisgendered people were more considerate of/knowledgeable about?

A: As someone who identifies as a lesbian, I wish that people would stop assuming/ asking which one of us in the relationship is the “man”. We’re both women.

"..I then had my second kiss with a girl and that’s when I knew lol"

- Chyna Martin, She/Her, Fem Lesbian

IG: chynadoll.x


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