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🌈Q&A (No. 23)

Q2: What is something you wish someone would’ve done for or said to you during your earlier years of finding/accepting yourself? What is something YOU would tell your younger self or others?

A. That it’s okay to be yourself & love who you love it’s not a bad thing. I would tell others not to worry about others do everything on your own timing that’s what I did & that you don’t have to make an announcement & come out if you don’t want, just live freely. That’s how I went about it when I was ready, I just started dating whoever I had a connection with.

Q3: What was it like for you to accept yourself? Was acceptance of yourself contingent upon the acceptance from peers/loved ones?

A. It was hard to accept myself at 1st because so many people said it wasn’t right to like the same sex but as I grew & got more in tune with myself & got my own understanding of who I wanted to be I stopped caring & just started moving off of my own feelings and understanding that it’s my life & my choice to love who I want to love. I really didn’t care for acceptance from others really only my moms & once she knew I definitely didn’t care lol.

Q5: Did you come out or did you just start living in your truth? Do you feel like coming out is necessary/required? Why or why not?

A. I just started dating whoever I felt a connection with & if you knew you knew & I don’t think it’s necessary to come out personally but if it’s something you feel you need to do then definitely do so..I just don’t feel like you have to bc it’s no different than a boy/girl dating love is love.

Q7: Has religion/spirituality had any kind of affect on your journey to accepting yourself (good or bad)? If so, how does that affect your view and/or practice of religion/spirituality today?

A. Yes, religion definitely played a part in me accepting myself bc that’s like one of the most talked about topics in church “don’t be gay you will go to hell” lol which is nonsense. I’ve always been close with God & as you grow your own connection with God you will see he loves all his kids for who they are long as you love him ❤️

Q14: What does living in your truth mean to you? Do you feel like it’s important? Why or why not?

A. To me living in your truth means just being unapologetically you.. doing what you want.. loving who you want.. & living how you want without gaf about other ppl’s opinions. And yes, it’s important bc I feel it’s the only way a person can truly be happy.

Q15: What do you identify as? Have you always identified as ___? What led you to identify in that way?

A. Identify as bi. Yes, I’ve always identified by that & bc I always dated both men & women so I feel like that best fits me.

Q16: What do you think your younger self would have to say/think about who you are today?

A. I think my younger self would definitely love who I am today & be proud that i decided to live how I wanted & didn’t have to ever wonder what would have happened if I didn’t move on my feelings & accepted myself for who I am.

"..I stopped caring & just started moving off of my own feelings and understanding that it’s my life.." - Maya, Bisexual

Twitter: TheInfamousMaya

IG: _newyawker


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