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🌈Q&A (No. 22)

Q1: What is your earliest memory of realizing your sexuality/gender identity? What was that like?

A: Watching Drumline and recognizing I was attracted to Zoe Saldana’s character. I didn’t think too much about it at the time.. it just felt normal to me.

Q3: What was it like for you to accept yourself? Was acceptance of yourself contingent upon the acceptance from peers/loved ones?

A: I don’t think accepting myself was contingent upon acceptance from others. I’ve never really cared what people thought about me and my relationships. However, once my mom knew about my sexuality it was like I didn’t have to suppress myself anymore.

Q5: Did you come out or did you just start living in your truth? Do you feel like coming out is necessary/required? Why or why not?

A: I didn’t come out to friends/people at school, I just started dating who I wanted to. I did want to come out to my mom, but that opportunity was robbed from me when someone else told her. I’m not sure if I think coming out is a necessity or not, but I do think it can help a person feel secure with themselves.

Q6: Do you feel like your sexuality/gender identity is apart of who you are or a part of you that you can grow “in and out of”?

A: I definitely think my sexuality is a part of who I am. I don’t like to label myself, I’m queer as hell and I think my queerness oozes out of me.

Q16: What do you think your younger self would have to say/think about who you are today?

A: I think she would think I’m a bad ass bitch, hands down. She’d be super proud of who I’ve become, and where I’m headed.

"..I’m queer as hell and I think my queerness oozes out of me." -Anonymous, She/Her, Queer


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