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🌈Q&A (No. 10)

Q2: What is something you wish someone would’ve done for or said to you during your earlier years of finding/accepting yourself? What is something YOU would tell your younger self or others?

A: In my earlier years of finding myself, I wish someone would've told me, "Be who

you are, for your prideeeee." lmao. That & "Never place yourself in a box" are

exactly what I would tell my younger self.

Q4: How did you come to understand your identity? Are there some things you do still don’t understand about yourself or others within the LGBTQ+ community?

A: I came to understand my identity once I started to explore what I already knew was true. Doing research & being surrounded by my community have also helped me understand my sexuality, as well as embrace my duality of being feminine & masculine. One thing I don't understand about the LGBTQ+ community is why we can be so divided at times.

Q7: Has religion/spirituality had any kind of affect on your journey to accepting yourself (good or bad)? If so, how does that affect your view and/or practice of religion/spirituality today?

A: Growing up, I LOVED going to church. Never wanted to miss a Sunday because I truly enjoyed being there; however, the negative experiences I've had from accepting myself have stemmed from religion, specifically Christianity. It's the primary reason I was a "late bloomer" in living in my truth, some family members & former friends did not accept me, & my spiritual journey became conflicting. In realizing that the church's beliefs/practices were dangerous to my personal walk with God, I naturally strayed away from religion & began to unpack & challenge what I was once taught. While I appreciate my childhood in church for what it was, I now live with a better sense of spiritual autonomy.

Q9: As someone who identifies as ____, what do you wish heterosexual/cisgendered people were more considerate of/knowledgeable about?

A: As someone who identifies as a lesbian/masc presenting woman, I wish heterosexual/cisgendered people understood that sexuality/gender identity is fluid & isn't difficult to understand. It doesn't hurt to allow people to be all of who they are & desire to be.

Q14: What does living in your truth mean to you? Do you feel like it’s important? Why or why not?

A: Living in my truth means being unapologetically true to who I am. This is important to me because through authenticity, I am free & at my best.

Q16: What do you think your younger self would have to say/think about who you are today?

A: My younger self would be so proud of who I am today. She'd be relieved & say,

"Finally. The Masc Baddie she's alwavs wanted to be"

"I wish heterosexual/cisgendered people understood that sexuality/gender identity is fluid & isn't difficult to understand."

- Te'Drenna C., She/Her/Hers, Masc Lesbian

IG: tdrizzy_


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