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Today, I started taking graduation pictures/videos and then it hit me that I'm REALLY about to be done with undergrad and it seems like it flew by all while going soooo slow. And I never noticed. I never realized how many memories I’ve actually made while being a college student. I’ve experienced so much pain, failure, heartache and overall, losses during this journey but I also gained a lot of love, guidance and knowledge of a lot of things that I don't believe I would have came across had I went with my initial feelings as a freshman in Morrison Hall.

Even though this journey has had its ups and downs, I am eternally grateful for it. Undergrad gave me some of the best AND worst moments of my life but I honestly feel like each one of those moments contributed to something amazing and right now the most amazing thing is me becoming Alysse Harris B.S. on December 11th 2021. It’s bittersweet.


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